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Belts and hoses are among some of the parts consistently exposed to heat, vibration, and harmful chemicals. It is no wonder that they crack, peel, leak and wear down. You may be able to postpone an oil change every once in awhile (though we don't recommend it), but overlooking the condition of belts and hoses will cost you eventually. These parts must be checked routinely. Keeping an eye on them is not enough.

We thoroughly inspect drive belts

The power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor, radiator cooling fan, and water pump are just a few of the belts we inspect. Please note: most older vehicles have a single serpentine belt powering these accessories (as opposed to several individual belts). Here is how they are inspected:

  • Search for cracking, glazing, softening, peeling, etc.
  • Complete tension and alignment tests
  • Note any suspicious but not-yet-dangerous condition that we should check on your next visit with us

We thoroughly inspect hoses

Hoses are comprised of two rubber layers with a layer of fabric in between. Hoses are the conduits that allow car fluids to travel to their destination correctly. The kinds of hoses vehicles have are varied by make and model, but you can count on finding these hoses in every car:

  • The fuel hose transports fuel from the gas tank to the engine
  • The radiator hose delivers coolant to the engine
  • The power steering hose connects the power steering pump to the steering equipment
  • The heater hose delivers coolant to the heater core.

Hoses are critical to the health of your car. For this reason, we inspect hoses thoroughly:

  • We search for leaking, cracking, hardening or softening, etc.
  • Using state-of-the-art pressure technology, we test the cooling system for leaks 
  • We record any suspicious hose condition for your next visit

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Sometimes an A/C problem can stem from the serpentine belt. This belt sends power from the engine to operate various engine components, like the alternator and water pump. Another component operated by the serpentine belt replacement is the air conditioner compressor. If needed, we will visually inspect your serpentine belt, remove the old belt and install a new one.

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