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August 01, 2017 @ 12:00am

Road Trip Breakdowns: How to Avoid Common Issues

Heading out on a road trip with friends and/or family in the near future? Between planning and packing it can be easy to forget about the most important thing for your road trip: your car! At Car-X Des Moines, we pride ourselves in making sure that your vehicle gets you to your destination without any issues. Here are some tips you should consider before going on your next road trip to avoid being stuck on the side of the road.

Vehicle Alignment

One of the most commonly overlooked maintenance services is vehicle alignment. For the common automobile owner, it’s one of the last things they think about getting fixed before it becomes an issue. If you notice that your car quickly drifts to one side of the road  when you let go of the wheel for a second, you need to get your alignment checked at your local Car-X shop. Not only can having your alignment off be a hazard for others on the road; it causes your tires to wear down faster, it decreases gas mileage efficiency, and it puts more stress on the steering column and other parts of the vehicle. Make sure you get your vehicle properly aligned if you have any hesitation about it before hitting the road.

Tire Rotation

Tires uniquely wear down unevenly for every single car. The amount of variables that lead to uneven wear and tear make it easy to overlook how much stress they consistently go through. Front engine or mid-engine, left turns compared to right turns, and each person’s driving style are just a couple of factors that cause tires to reduce unevenly over time. At Car-X we want to make sure that your tires wear down evenly so that all four of them can last as long as possible. That is why our services for tire rotation include:


  • Tire Pressure check
  • Inspection of abnormal wear patterns
  • Visible damage inspection
  • Tire pattern recommendation based off of vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Installing lug nuts/bolts to correct torque specifications


If you notice your front or rear tires are balding, bring your car in to have your local Car-X man give you a low cost tire rotation service. Don’t worry, our technicians will rotate your tires professionally.

Air Conditioning

Imagine being stuck on the interstate in the blazing summer heat without a working air conditioning system in your car. It almost makes you sweat just thinking about it. If you’ve noticed your air conditioning unit has been acting up recently, your local Car-X Man can provide low cost, quality air conditioning service. Air conditioning is one of the most beneficial aspects of a car. When your A/C unit is running well it is properly compressing refrigerant through a system of belts and valves that ultimately make it through the vents and into your car cabin. When your air conditioner unit fails, we do a thorough inspection for cracks and leaks on the compressor, damage or failure from other components, and even serpentine belt replacements if necessary. Don’t be trapped in your car with no air conditioning on your road trip this summer!

Oil Change

When heading out on a road trip, you are most likely going to be covering hundreds, if not, thousands of miles. It is an absolute necessity if you are approaching your mileage for an oil change that you get it done before leaving. Not taking care of a simple and cheap service like an oil change can cost you thousands of dollars in engine repairs. Our Express Oil location will have your oil change done in under 10 minutes, guaranteed! With a team of ASE trained professionals, we promise to have your car ready to tackle the miles no matter where you go.

Schedule Your Car-X Maintenance Appointment Today

Road trips are an amazing way to create lasting memories. Don’t have those memories be all of the car problems you were facing while trying to travel the country. Not only can it ruin a trip, it can make it an expensive one. Bring in your vehicle to your local Car-X Tire & Auto shop before you hit the road to avoid hair pulling and frustration!

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