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December 05, 2017 @ 12:00am

As you brace yourself for the impending Iowa winter, you’re likely stocking your car with emergency supplies, rounding up windshield scrapers, and making sure your vehicle is filled with gas at all times. An additional precaution that not enough people take is purchasing winter tires to help prevent snow and ice related car accidents. If you’ve never had winter tires before, anyone who has can tell you what a huge difference they’ve made in providing additional traction on slippery roads. Our professionals at Car-X in Des Moines and Ames can give you recommendations on the right winter tires for your vehicle; we’ll install your new tires, too! Read on to learn about a few of the primary ways winter tires can keep you and your car safe this season.

Tread Created Specifically for Winter Driving Conditions

When you purchase all-season tires, the tread design has been created to accommodate for all seasons and conditions: Wet roads, snowy roads, hot tarmac, etc. Winter tires have the benefit of having tread that was designed specifically to allow your car to navigate slick, icy roads more easily. The tread design on winter tires isn’t compromised for other seasons, so your tires will perform to full capacity in the winter months.

Enhanced Traction

The tread and general design of snow tires are created with one goal in mind: Providing more traction between the car tires and the road. Along with tread patterns that are more conducive to giving you more grip in the snow, winter tires also have tiny indents and grooves between the main tread patterns that prevent your tires from slipping on wet ice and snow. More traction equals more control for you, and more control means your chances of getting into a winter driving accident are lower.

Get the Most Out of All-Wheel Drive

One of the main benefits of having an AWD vehicle is the additional power and traction it gives you on slick or soft surfaces. Installing winter tires during the snowy season will give your vehicle even more grip on surfaces like snow, ice, and slush, allowing you to easily navigate everything from crowded highways to poorly scooped side streets. If you want your AWD car or truck to perform optimally during the winter, installing winter tires is the way to go. Our six shops have a huge variety of brands and tire sizes available—use our tire search feature and filter by “snow tires” to see what we have! If you have any questions, just contact our staff; we’re happy to help.

Car-X Des Moines Tires

If you’re ready to grab your winter tires for the year or have any questions about what we offer, contact the Car-X location closest to you! In addition to providing you with winter tires, our professionals can give you a full tune-up, from oil changes to alignments that will help your new tires perform to their full capacity. As winter approaches, keep us in mind if your car won’t start or if you get stuck in a snowy situation; we’re happy to tow your vehicle to safety. Download the Car-X mobile app for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, or Windows phone so that it’s easier to get in touch with us while you’re on the go. Enjoy your winter driving, and stay safe on the road!

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