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March 10, 2015 @ 12:00am

Avoiding Potholes in the Spring

Moisture and weather are the culprits when it comes to creating potholes. The moisture settles and collects in an area of the road and expands when it freezes. As the temperature increases above freezing, it melts only to freeze again as temperatures drop. This freezing and thawing process can create potholes large enough to wreak havoc on your vehicle. Here's how to avoid potholes-and the resulting damage to your automobile.

undefinedInstructions Watch the traffic flow. If you find that everyone in front of you is making an unexpected detour, take heed. They may be swerving to avoiding a pothole in the road. Make mental notes. As you drive back on forth on roads frequently traveled, make a mental note of the potholes. People often drive to and fro with so much on their minds that they don't remember how they got to their destinations. Clearing your mind and concentrating on your commute gives you the presence of mind to avoid potholes rather than absentmindedly running into them. Beware of puddles. Rainy conditions can camouflage potholes. When you approach a puddle, take it slow. There can be a huge pothole in the center of the puddle. It's better to be safe than sorry. Check with your department of transportation. Some state websites

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