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Car-X Express Oil Change Service

At our new Express Oil Change location, we take great pride in our work and are dedicated to making sure that your Car-X oil change is a fast and friendly experience. Our ASE trained staff takes great pleasure in having you in and out of our quick lube in 10 minutes or less.

Oil Filters and Air Filters

As a part of our oil change process, we use the highest quality of oil filters that available for each make and model of car on the road. Oil filters are important in making sure that even the smallest of dust particles do not get inside of your engine block and potentially cost you thousands of dollars in engine repair. It is also important that we check your cabin air filter, one of the most overlooked parts of any car. The cabin air filter is important in making sure that the air you breathe in your vehicle is clean from particles that pass through your vehicle's air conditioning

"We are your oil change experts for central Iowa".

Listed below are some of our featured products from Thrive Oil...

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Delivers the ultimate motor oil protection and performance. Compared to conventional oils.

  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness through superior sludge and varnish protection
  • Reduces engine wear at high temperatures with improved viscosity stability
  • Provides outstanding high-temperature protection under severe driving conditions
  • Provides superior cold-temperature protection through faster oil flow at start-up
  • Provides more durable anti-wear additives which remain in the oil longer for outstanding protection against friction and wear
  • Helps maintain fuel efficiency for the life of the oil (applies to 5W30 and 10W30 grades)
  • Is fully compatible with all conventional and leading synthetic motor oils

Higher Mileage Motor Oil

Fight the Four Major Causes of Engine Breakdown - Leaks, Deposits, Sludge, and Friction. Our High Mileage oil is to help maximize your engine life.

  • Special seal conditioners rejuvenate seals within the engine block to help prevent oil leaks that lead to sludge and deposits
  • Anti-oxidant additives reduce oil viscosity breakdown to help prevent engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation
  • Detergents chemically bond with and remove existing sludge and deposits
  • Additional friction-reducing additives help reduce abrasion within engine
  • Anti-wear agents help prevent engine damage

Semi Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

"Outperforms" all leading conventional motor oils and meets the demands of today's "tough" driving conditions.

  • Better protection against sludge and varnish deposit to keep your engine running cleaner, longer
  • Better cold start protection by flowing more quickly and circulating faster through the engine
  • Greater resistance to oil breakdown at high temperatures for strong wear protection
  • Helps improve fuel efficiency durability for the life of the oil (applies to 5W30 and 10W30 grades)
  • Fully compatible with all conventional and leading semi synthetic motor oils

When it comes to reliable car care…"Don’t Worry . . .Call the Car-X Man!"

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